WordPress 1-to-1 Training – £30 per hour

Finding your way around all the fabulous things WordPress can do for your website can be mind blowing! If this is you then you need my one-to-one WordPress Training, read on below to see how my training sessions work…
To arrange a Training Session please GO HERE.  I will contact you, normally within 24 hours, to organise an appointment for our training and provide details for payment.
Skype-logo-Feb_2012_RGB_250If you do not have skype, you can find out more about it and download it, for free by clicking the skype logo on the left.

During our training session(s) I will walk you through, step by step, at your pace, all the things that most standard installations of WordPress can do, if you need it, we will do it in small, easily digestible chunks.

We will also start at a point that you are most comfortable with (e.g. right from the start OR you already know how to make a post or page but you are having trouble with a specific task).

Instead of having to try and learn on your own, perhaps whilst jumping from screen to screen watching a training video or reading a manual, you have me, right there with you via skype where you will actually do the tasks that are important to you, right now! A completely hands-on learning experience, tailored to you.

This is what some of my clients have to say about my WordPress training: