Mobile Website InfographicSmartPhones are growing hugely in popularity and there are now over 4 billion mobile devices in use worldwide. As this new technology behind the smartphones develops, users are no longer limited to calling and texting, they can now use their phones to access websites, transfer money and buy products online.

Most people who search for a product or service using their mobile phones are ready to buy because, generally speaking they are out and about and looking for that product or service right away, because they have an immediate need for…

  • a taxi
  • a place to eat
  • a place to stay on an unexpected stop-over
  • where the local night-life is
  • a tow truck

What does this mean to you and your business, well it means you can’t ignore mobile visitors to your website any more, you need a website that will work for people browsing via a desktop or via a smaller device. You can have all the “bells and whistles” on your desktop website but on your mobile site you need to make sure certain things are prominent e.g a noticeable “call” button, your location and your services.

New Update from Google will Favour Mobile Friendly Websites!

As of 21st April 2015 google will start to boost the ranking of mobile-friendly pages on mobile search results, so in a nutshell, if your website is not mobile friendly and your text is not readable, causing visitors to have to tap or zoom just to be able to read something, then your website could move down the search results. This change applies to mobile search results (most people search on their mobiles) so can mean your website that originally ranked highly on both types of search results, could plummet on mobile searches, not good! You can read about this update on Googles blog: Rolling out mobile-friendly update

WebsiteCompareV1Just to show you how bad a normal website “can” look on a mobile phone and how hard it can be for a mobile visitor to navigate around a site, here is a side by side mock-up of how a normal website looks on a mobile and how it could look!

Hope Web Services can help you achieve this with a Responsive Website:

Responsive Websites

AmmanfordCarpetsDesktopNEWv1-w436What does “responsive” mean? In simple terms, it means your website will respond, resize and rearrange itself according to the size of the device trying to access it. For example, PC, tablet or smartphone.AmmanfordCarpetsMobileNEWv1-w206

On the left you can see a screenshot of “Benjamin Pool Carpets” responsive website and how it looks on a desktop computer. Ben’s website uses the popular full width appearance.

When the same site is viewed on a mobile device, the responsive design will stack the elements of the page, from top to bottom, left to right. The navigation menu will also change to a smaller, mobile friendly drop down menu. You can see this in the image on the right.

AmmanfordCarpetsOniPadMiniV1-w400Here it is viewed on an iPad where you can see elements have been resized to fit the screen size. Note the space on left and right is much smaller than the space on the desktop full width version, however, the navigation menu has stayed the same as desktop.

Website Package Pricing

Below you can see our Website Package pricing with links to more information for each package, however if the packages do not meet your requirements, please get in touch via our contact form so that we can discuss your individual case and therefore tailor a package just for you and your business.

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