Me 2 cropped

My name is Susan Hope and I am proud to be one of the “baby boomer” generation.. yes I was around BEFORE the internet! I have various interests including design and dance both of which I do with a whole lot of passion, can’t get enough of them! This is me dancing on the left.

As for my other passion, well don’t waste time trying to make your own website. Get me to do it! I’ve been around since before the internet was a thing. I’ve been building good websites for well over a decade. I’ve worked with hundreds of clients across dozens of industries.

I live and breathe web-design, morning noon and night, ok except for the nights I go out dancing, I love to dance but apart from that, my job is my life.

Here are a selection of my clients, their professions and locations:-

From the USA:

  • 3 Real Estate Agents
  • 3 Pyschotherapists
  • A Natural Food vending provider
  • Boxing and Fitness

From Europe and the UK:

  • Carpet Fitting company in Ammanford
  • Sewing and fabric shop in Ammanford
  • Two thriving pubs in Carmarthen
  • Two personal trainers in London
  • A Male Novelist
  • A TV Personality
  • An image consultant
  • A designer of unique pregnancy sport clothing
  • Custom Blinds Manufacturer

A couple of clients and what they have to say…